This story is as old as the music business itself but at the same time always topical.
Some teenage friends who grew up together in a countryside village and learned to play an instrument decide to make music together, on a rather basic level at first and just for fun. After an initial noisy phase they are joined by other like-minded young people and the idea of forming a proper "group" is taking shape with the first concert already in the offing while the songs are still in the preparation stage. The temptation to follow the footsteps of the idols and to play it really cool is just too great.

After having become "everybody’s darling" in the local area the move to the big city brings everybody down to earth real fast. Every "up" is followed by a "down", every success by disillusionment, every productive phase by a creative black hole and every little dream by bittersweet reality.

In the case of Beeswax Polish one tries to defy the matter by recording the debut EP "kings & idiots". Nearly ten years it took the five original group members from Upper Austria, Andreas Reiter (dr), Davic Höglhammer (voc), Adam Erol Gokcezade (git), Florian Parzer (git) and Dieter here on Breitwieser (b) to start their work on the first sound carrier in the home studios of "mastermind" Parzer. As usual, the DIY concept is applied. Production, recording, mix and mastering are all done by ourselves, even the sound carrier comes in a DIY digisleeve. It will not surprise you, therefore, that the video of our first single "sun" is also "homemade" from start to finish.

"kings & idiots" does not reinvent the musical wheel. Heroes from the "90ies" are still in the back of the mind mixed with elements of present-day guitar music favorites and a tendency towards haunting tunes. Our own mixture of alternative rock and elements from the grunge and pop scene developed. The six songs are varied – from a three-minute "almost"-pop song to noisy rock without any real structure. For "no one speaks" the whole group joins in the collective shalala-tralala chorus.

For Beeswax Polish the EP "kings & idiots" is another small step forward according to the principle "it took long but now it’s just fine". It does not necessarily have to be Rock Olympus, Rock Kahlenberg will do as well.