Video Release „Sun“

Aug 31st, 2008

This friday the screening of the first beeswax polish music video took place in the werkzeugH in Vienna. I’d say it was quite a success and we had a very good time. The video will be online on this page as soon as I figure out how to without screwing up the layout. Until then you can watch it on our new youtube channel which was created with the help of the viral marketing guru schmeiduch markus. enjoy!

Edit: You can watch the video now in the video section of this site.


  1. Smot wrote,

    Great video… not more updates?

    Kommentar on 12. Februar 2010 @ 01:40

  2. Smot wrote,

    Great video… no more updates?

    Kommentar on 12. Februar 2010 @ 01:41

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